Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


Since this will be my very first blog post, I just thought it would make sense to start with something that I’m involved in right now. Maybe it seems like just another blog post, but for me, it’s not just a blog post. It’s the result of me taking the decision to step out of my comfort zone, because I know it’s necessary to achieve my goals.

I’m totally convinced that we sometimes just have to jump in the cold water and start doing something, even if we don’t know exactly how. As long as we know what we really want and we keep going in the right direction, the “how” isn’t that important because we can figure it out along the way and adjust our strategies.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to really understand this, despite the fact that 24 is not an old age, I really wish I would’ve realized that earlier. I was always trying to find the best answers and most perfect solutions for everything, instead of just taking action. It’s one thing to read books, listen to audios, watch videos and to attend to seminars but it’s a whole different learning process if you actually write books/blog articles and create videos or podcasts. The person who is creating a video to share some value with other people is actually the one who will benefit most from it.

There’s a great quote I’d like to share with you:

“If you want to have, what you never had in your life, you’ve got to become what you’ve never been.”

People with no more talent and no less fear than you are successfully doing the thing you are avoiding. If we think about to get out of the comfort zone the first thing we see is all the painful things and that it probably will be uncomfortable, but there is no better way to grow mentally as a person.

If you exactly know what do you want and you want it bad enough, it’s actually way easier to get out of your comfort zone because you know what you are fighting for all the time. Motivation is just temporary, your real internal core driver is your purpose. I will also share here in the near future some ways on how to effectively find your “why” and go a little bit more in-depth in this topic. 

If I look at entrepreneurs such as Garvy Vaynerchuk, Matt Morris, Grant Cardone or Tony Robbins they are all completely confident in what they are doing and their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice, based
on values, not based on the opinion of other people or something else.

I can’t help but just feel so optimistic about my future when I see people like this. So the purpose of this blog post is that I wanna encourage you to go out there and do something that your future self will thank you for. Take a moment and think about what you really want in life and why you want it, then get consciously out of your comfort zone and take action.

Imagine there is a door with a lock that you can’t open yet and behind that door is everything that you really wanna achieve in your life. The Lock symbolizes your comfort-zone, limiting beliefs and all the negative self-talk that is stopping you from going through this door. To open now the door and literally having a breakthrough, you will need a key. The key symbolizes self-awareness, a burning desire and taking massive action.

It might be not the best metaphor but I hope you got the point.

So if you got some value from this make sure to leave a thoughtful comment here down below and share this blog post with other people if you think they can benefit from this. 🙂

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